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Dates : September 2019, 4-2
Venue : baghdad international fair – iraq
Expected attendees : 17,000
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Until three decades ago,the health indicators in Iraq were improving substantially and health care services were achieving high standards. However since then, the political situation, international sanctions, wars, civil unrest and the repeated crisis have resulted in progressive determination in the infrastructure and performance of health system and worsening of the standards of healthcare.

The situation has been compounded by the fact that subsequent governments since 2003 have not considered health a strategic priority and budgetary allocations do not reflect population needs. A large number of competent and experienced professionals left the country and combined with mal-distribution of the health workforce, serious gaps developed in the provision of health services.
The country currently faces unprecedented health challenges like the burden of disease and the factors of environmental challenges, sanitation services, low financial and spending on the healthcare, health workforce, imbalance of distribution, poor vision, strategic planning and unregulated implementation of decentralization, health infrastructure, preventive health services, reproductive health and nursing services, emergency, blood transfusion, food safety, weakness in the health information system, the seriousness and scarcity of basic medicines in the public sector, and the seriousness and non-discipline of the pharmaceutical situation in the private sector.

Which requires effective interference with precise and hard work to target what is mentioned in order to achieve the comprehensive healthcare coverage which represented by the national effort and the exploitation of national expertise and energies in addition to international and regional experiences and go towards the approach of partnerships and investment of health institutes both public and private sectors and establishing strict foundation for this cooperation to provide the best healthcare and medical services to the citizen in the best permanent quality.

Together we work to change for
a better health and environment

Health Expo gathers health sector’s components and attracts health professionals and manufacturers from around the world to support the health system in Iraq by establishing effective partnerships and cooperation between governmental institutions and private sector. Health Expo is a platform for expansion of investment opportunities and consolidation of partnerships, given the fact that the Ministry’s Health Policy’s objective is to reform the health system by fostering a solid methodology towards an integrated health system that covers the needs of the health sector in Iraq.

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