The official and premier event of the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment, and a fundamental of its devotion plan to take medical services of the nation to a world-class level, by bringing the unfolding prosperity a venues of Iraqi healthcare, all together and generating a staunch platform for international innovators and companies where excellence and variety are assembled and collaboration between governmental and private sectors is to be achieved through this distinctively organized exhibition and conference we seek durable fulfillment of our nation’s health system desideratum.

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The largest and most attended exhibition, inclusive of all health related fields of governmental and private sectors inside and outside of Iraq, witnessed an unprecedented success on different a sects most importantly the effective participation of the ministries’ representative stands with all of its variant sectors the created a unique communication atmosphere with the attendees and exhibiting companies, who in turn had and extraordinary exhibiting experience as national and international manufacturers. Moreover, exhibitors had the opportunity to be in direct touch and shared the ministry’s partnership plans to increase investment chances in different field. The exhibition also in clouded several non-governmental national and international organizations and international hospitals.

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The first edition of health expo had a unique diversity and intensity of its exceptional presence of visitors from all sectors, medical, political, technical, engineering and many other groups and from different nationalities, thus enriching the scientific and communication opportunities of health experts, participating companies, and various administrative and scientific level from high ranking officials, experts and companies’ and companies. All of that and more made health expo as the number one health event in Iraq.

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